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16” x 20” x 2” genuine geodes and gemstones, mixed media on cradled wood.  The earth's hidden gemstones come to life on the painting and flow like the rivers and earth that formed them.  It's covered with gemstones including agate geode, amber, amethyst, Alberta ammolite fossil, apache tears, aura amethyst, azurite, chalcedony geode, citrine, copper, crystal, druzy agate, garnets, gold pyrite, kyanite, magnesium, mica, onyx, pyrite, rutilated quartz, silicon carbide, tiger's eye, fossilized sea urchin, tebetan quartz, bivalve fossil, fire quartz, and black moonstone. It's truly jewelry for your walls.


Includes shipping to Canada and the continental US

Gemstones Alive

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