world motivation me to create and I invite you to take that journey with me where the flames of

emotion are fanned and inspiration takes root.

My paintings incorporate a background, spanning a lifetime, in art and design.   My latest work is

lavished with rare Alberta ammolite. Ammolite is a vivid opalized gemstone with gorgeous metallic

colorations found in no other place in the world.  I am the only artist in the world creating collage

paintings from this beautiful gemstone.  I can often be found on ammonite hunting expeditions

where I become a living part of the landscape as I imagine what it may have looked like aeons ago

when all was covered by a shallow sea with living cephalopods swimming about attacking prey and

being hunted by mosasaurs.  Only the genus, Placenticeras, produced the lovely metallic shell that

we now refer to as ammolite.  What a special place to be lucky enough to live in!


I was born in Washington State which imprinted on every cell of my being, oceans, mountains and

rain forests.  My southern roots influenced me in art and culture, where i was specifically drawn to modern art.  Some of my favourite artists are Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Klimpt, and Kandinsky.

You will often find Pollock-esque type backgrounds subtly woven into my designs.


I have lived in Canada since I was twelve and call Calgary, Alberta home.  The wide-

open prairies, rolling hills and breathtaking mountains have wrapped their roots around my soul and 

I am forever captive.   Alberta's unique characteristics make it a magical place, hills covered in wild

flowers, streams flowing over colorful pebbles hiding silvery fish, buried treasure of ammonite and

ancient dinosaur fossils, deer running free, eagles soaring high and friendly peace loving people who

aren't afraid to don the odd cowboy hat and dance the night away to a rousing country tune.

My abstract art is elegant jewelry for walls, shimmering, dazzling, vivid, swirling movement, color and texture.  My need to play, and the freedom and energy that make me feel truly alive, along with profound ties to the beauty and intricacies of the natural                

Art is my true passion and I feel like I am spending the days playing, not working.  It has been my lifelong goal and I am very

thankful to be able to be fulfilling that goal.  I plan on painting until I'm 110 years old!

Contact Me

Cherisse Mia

Calgary, AB Canada
Tel: 1-403-478-8540