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Designer Coloring is an abstract coloring book I created in my art studio in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  I use the earth's elements and variations of them as inspiration to express beauty and emotion with an abstract expression of how it is interpreted by the heart.  Come into this world of peace and calm, find the artistic flow, access the creativity within and discover the Art of Play.


I created this book to inspire serenity through artistic expression.  The use of color is the most complex aspect of art and also the most fun.  The difficulty of facing a blank canvas has been eiminated leaving the door open for endless possibiltiy.  It's amazingly healing to tap into this innate creative ability, our playful nature.  Try it!

A Coloring book for everyone.
40 pages of unique creative fun
All Things Klimpt
Color Me Pop
Nouveau Birds
Nouveau Class
By the Sea
Paisley Pariah
Fossil Fantasy
Butterfly Inspiration
Birds Bane
Nouveau Mania
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